Ruu in the second opening
Japanese Name ルゥ
Romaji Ruu
Race Alien (from Planet Otto)
Birthdate Ruu-reki Zero Year, C-15
Age 1
Gender Male
Bloodtype -
Height 58 cm
Weight 5200 g
Profession -
Likes -
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1
Voice Actor Mika Kanai

Ruu is an alien baby from the planet Otto that got sucked in a dimensional chasm and accidentally ended up in the planet Earth together with his sitter-pet Wannya. Upon arriving in the Saionji temple, he met Miyu and Kanata and thought of them as his parents; calling them "Mama" and "Papa".


Ruu has a blonde hair and violet eyes. As described by Aya, his eyebrows resembles Kanata and mostly resembles Miyu.


All babies from planet Otto have psychic powers as mentioned by Wannya. Ruu has an ability to fly and float things, as well as psychic powers where he controls objects at his own will without touching it. He was able to feel presence of different aliens as well as being bad or good.


Ruu safely arrived in the Saionji Temple through his mini UFO spaceship and was taken care of by Miyu and Kanata. After feeding him, he started calling them "Mama" and "Papa".

Anime and Manga Differences Edit

There are several events happened in the manga that did not occur in the anime.

  • At the last chapter of the manga, Ruu bumped into a teenager Miu, Kanata and Miyu's daughter when he returned to planet Earth. While in the anime, Ruu returned to planet Earth all grown up and visited the Saionji Temple seeing Kanata and Miyu with their baby daughter Miu.